About Our LED Message Board

  • Our LED displays are the brightest Tri-Color (red, green, yellow) window units available for commercial use.
  • They are made of highly reliable quality in every detail down to the packaging.
  • They use 3 Super Bright LED's that are typically used on quality outdoor units to out-shine the brightest daylights for superb visual impact. 
  • They will attract more customers your message and get it across.  
  • It comes in a complete package with easy-to-use software to get you up and running in minutes.
  • Works 24/7. An excellent salesman for pennies a day.
  • Get the LED Window Display and start making more money today!

  • Brightness of over 6,000 nit.
  • Up to 9.5" text for 500ft viewing.
  • Change your messages in seconds.
  • Auto Dimming function: Message board adjusts to day/night conditions.
  • Remote control included.
  • Double walled rigid aluminum frame.
  • Super heavy-duty UL listed power supply.


  • Easy-to-use LED Wonder v1.0 software included.
  • 28 different message modes.
  • 18 different font type & size.
  • 36 pages of messages per file.
  • Ability to save an infinite number of message files.
  • Time and Date display.
  • 7 speed control.
  • 8 stop time control.
  • 8 simulated colors.

Wonder Gloves

Selecting Your Message Board

Viewing Distance

  • In general, a 1-inch letter can be read up to 50 feet away, a 2-inch letter can be read up to 100 feet away, a 4-inch letter can be read up to 200 feet away, and an 8-inch letter can be read up to 400 feet away.


  • We feel that one of the most important factors is brightness of sign. This factor determines if the sign is noticeable even in the brightest of the midday sun. Normal indoor LED signs only give out 100-400 nit of brightness. However our Wonder Bright LED signs can produce over 6000 nit during bright days.  Do not be fooled by other companies selling low output LED signs for they cannot produce enough brightness for window use.

Physical Size

  • Check your window opening and choose the proper size display from the specification page.


  • Make sure the display comes with easy-to-use software because some will require you to be knowledgeable with certain type of programming.  Wonder Bright’s LED software is made as simple as can be without programming. Simply, what you see on your computer screen is what is displayed.

Zoning and Ordinance

  • Check with your local ordinance to determine if these types of signs can be used.


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